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StoryScout has revolutionized the Entertainment Industry by providing studios, producers and creators with a global source of original IP.

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Why StoryScout?

The growth of streaming platforms has ramped up the demand for new content. With two million new stories being published online every day, the supply is out there but the traditional process of finding IP and securing rights is inefficient and unscalable.

Content discovery

We curate and represent the best stories from a global network of publishers and assist users with everything from rights inquiries to development consultation.

Search specific stories

Find the content that fits your specific criteria and set up alerts to stay informed

Filter by 100+ metadata tags

Conduct extensive searches by category, genre, topic, region and more

Explore worldwide publishers

Expand your search for a broader perspective and more unique stories

Turnkey acquisition

We handle every aspect of servicing from rights management to option negotiation.

Check story rights

Save time and hassle by quickly and easily confirming availability

Negotiate option agreements

Lock down and finalize specifics without delay or lapses
Procedural Stories

Purpose built for entertainment creatives

Everything in StoryScout is designed to maximize content discovery and minimize effort. Finding your next great TV or movie project is literally a click away.

Read full stories

Browse headlines and synopses and click to access the entire story

Check rights

One-click rights inquiry makes finding available IP easy and fast

Story alerts

Email notifications in real-time when StoryScout adds a new article that matches your needs

Interest lists

Categorize and organize your favorite topics and automatically surface the right stories for the right projects

Bi-weekly story emails

Get the best new stories directly to your inbox twice a week

Advanced look

Access to content prior to publisher's release, leading to preemptive rights acquisition

Story freeze

Put IP on hold while you put together your pitch

Deep dives

Leverage our content team for archival searches of our publishing partners for specific subject matter

How we curate our content

Through our exclusive partnerships with dozens of publications around the world, our curation team reads thousands of articles every day to uncover those with the greatest potential for film and television adaptation.

We categorize content with hundreds of tags to make finding the perfect IP for your next project fast and easy.

Action Thriller Latin America Best Friends 100+ More ...

Our exclusive publishers inlcude The Washington Post, NPR, The Financial Times, The Guardian, USA Today Network, Hearst Networks, The South China Morning Post, La Repubblica and many more.

We are also expanding beyond news media and adding graphic novels, podcasts and video games.

Subculture Stories

What we've done so far

In less than four years we've successfully brought TV and movie projects to the big and small screen from companies including Netflix, Warner Bros, New Line, Amazon, Discovery, HBO, Fox and Crackle based on content found on StoryScout.

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    The Crime of the Century

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